This demo site requires just a few addons. However, we decided to add some more addons to demonstrate common features you may find on various websites.

The demo currently makes use of two text editors to illustrate their different approaches. And also YForm is installed to show how to handle a simple form. Concerning Developer and YRewrite, we find them essential and wanted to feature them in the demo, even if they wouldn’t have been required.


The editor—which is the tool helping authors to format their texts—is a central element of a CMS. You can choose between a WYSIWYG editor trying to format your content right in the edit mode, or a textile or markdown based editor which transforms text markers to valid HTML when rendering the page.

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The Developer addon enables you to edit modules and templates not only in the specified textareas, but right in your code editor. It syncs your changes to files back to the REDAXO database.

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YForm primarily helps you developing forms. However, it lets you set up data storages within “mouse clicks”, and you may use them for custom tables or saving form data.

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YRewrite generates clean URLs and also manages meta descriptions and keywords. Moreover, it generates a sitemap.xml, supports multiple domains and manages redirects.

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What else?

Certainly there are quite more addon recommendations. Without intending to be exhaustive, we’ll list some more of our personal favourites.

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